Monday, January 1, 2007

Conspiracy "theory" vs. actual conspiracies

Another thing I'd like to clarify is that what I'm looking for are things that initially were considered "conspiracy theory". In other words, something that was considered not likely to be true, and in the realm of bizarre conjecture, which nowdays is what the term "conspiracy theory" appears to mean to most people. This involves denials and coverups - an attempt to discredit and shut down inquiry into an area of possibility, using ridicule and stereotyping. I want to know if there is anything that was at one time in this category, that later was proven to be factually true.

Some people have mentioned conspiracies that actually happened, such as military coups backed by the CIA, etc. but instances like this were in many cases never really disputed as being true - we knew they were true all along, we just didn't have all the facts and documentation at the time. I guess what it boils down to is the difference between "a conspiracy" and "conspiracy theory".

I am of the personal belief that many things are deliberately tagged as "wacky conspiracy theories" in an attempt to quash any meaningful investigation into them. A clever way of keeping something secret. In fact, I believe that this happens all the time. I'd just like to know how many of these actually were "outted" and found out to be true after all. And I am trying to compile an accurate list of all of them.

Things I would leave off of such a list would be:

1) The theories that haven't been proven (moon landing was a hoax, JFK assassination was a conspiracy, advance knowledge of Pearl Harbor, 9/11 was staged by our govt., voter fraud by electronic voting machine tampering, etc. - not saying that these are necessarily false, they just haven't been definitively proven to be true at this time)

2) Events that are clearly conspiracies or conspiratorial in nature, but were never really ever denied as being true, or claimed to have not happened (military coups, business price-fixing schemes, etc.)

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