Sunday, January 14, 2007

Informational "Official" Websites on the North American Union

Here's a "short list" of URLs from official sources only - no "conspiracy sites" - on the NAU:

Concerning the proposed "Supercorridor":
Looks like the building of this is already underway..........

Arizona State University's "North American Center for Transborder Studies":
Getting us used to the idea of a NAU through "education"?

From the same site - links to many other official sites, including

Recently Michael Medved, the movie critic and political commentator, charged that the NAU and its enabling program SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America) were "Internet conspiracy theories". Just from the looks of what I've read online from the above sources - all official (not blogs or conspiracy sites) - it looks like something is already well underway and already beyond the talking and proposal stages. IMO, it looks like something is being slipped in "under the radar" so to speak, with the cover of "internet conspiracy theory" being used to buy time until its a done deal. What we might just have here is an actual case of a true conspiracy coming to light. I think this whole matter bears watching, and will keep you the reader posted on it............

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