Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Senator Joe McCarthy Charges Proven Correct

Here's something I've not seen mentioned by anyone in their lists of conspiracy theories that were eventually proven to be factual and correct: The vindication of the late Sen. Joesph McCarthy of Wisconsin. It turns out that most of the charges he made, many of which were dismissed at the time as "a witch hunt", and "slander that ended people's careers", turned out to actually be essentially true:


Some other comments on "McCarthyism" and McCarthy having been proven right:


The Venona Project:

So IOW when he was waving his famous "list" he was actually on to something and basically had it right. From what I understand, the guy was no saint - he had his personal flaws - reportedly drank a lot, and by the accounts I've read, was generally a coarse and uncultured person. But the main point I'm making here is that he apparently was right, and recently released documents vindicate him on that. But at the time in the 1950's, what he was saying was denied by the media and the entertainment industry. So we've got this gigantic decades-old myth about a guy who was supposedly seeing Commies where there allegedly were none, and ruining people for no reason other than to further a political career. The myth gained so much strength through repetition that a new term was coined - "McCarthyism", a term that incredibly is still in use by some uninformed people yet today. But the fact was that there actually were many Moscow-loyal, Stalinist-type, communists in media, entertainment, and even in sensitive areas of the government. And McCarthy was correct to point that out. Another item to add to the slowly growing list of things that were denied and later proven to be fact.

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