Saturday, December 30, 2006

E-mail add for any reader input

Anyone wishing to contribute info on conspiracy theories that later turned out to be factually true (with valid cites and proper documentation of such) can be sent to me at:

I will review all submissions for meeting the above mentioned criteria, and will give full credit to all that are published on this blog. I will, however, keep all identities and e-mail addresses confidential upon request of sender. All e-mail sent out by me from my Hushmail account is PGP encrypted for confidentiality, and filtered for security against viruses (I've been the victim of attacks in regard to both of these issues - that's why I don't use a POP-mail, ISP e-mail account anymore, with my real name).

I, as publisher of this blog, reserve the right to withhold publishing of any material that I deem off topic, potentially libelous, copyright infringing, or otherwise offensive.

All original material published on this blog that is of my own authorship is copyrighted, and may not be reproduced without my permission.

the Curmudgeon

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